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18th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards Video (& Drawings!)

There was so much happening around March that I had to delay some announcements until April! That said, the 18th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards intro was super fun this year, inviting industry studio artists worldwide to provide ink drawings (quick sketches) for their video.  I am happy to have had drawing(s) that made it into the video, along with many other wonderful studio artists!  The whole event had neat motion graphics throughout, created by Noodle House, featuring the drawings in motion.

These are some drawings that I did for the sketchbook, that while went unused (from what I saw) I thought may be fun to post here.  They were all drawn traditionally with pen and ink, with no underdrawing.  Enjoy! :)


Also, some of my works can now be found featured on a new site, showcasing the best contemporary female illustrators and concept artists working within Fantasy and Science Fiction.  Be sure to check out Women In Fantastical Art when you have a chance, as a lot of wonderful artists reside there!

The video can be seen on youtube here.





Jean Grey/Phoenix Redesign for "What Women Women Characters" on Muddy Colors

Welcome to Women's History Month! Some excitement to share today, a great post written by Lauren Panepinto on Muddy Colors.  The original post, entitled "What Women Women Characters or, Women Characters Redesigned by Women SFF Artists," can be found here:

Additional postings can be found here as well:

Also, the Jean Grey/Phoenix redesign created for the article - Jean_Grey_Phoenix_Marisa_Erven

Enjoy!  And be sure to check out the remainder of the Muddy Colors site this month for more goodness! :)



Images from Ikiya group show in Treviso, Italy!

Latest updates from the Ikiya gallery event in Italy, featuring 30 artists worldwide~!  Photos thanks to the wonderful event photographer, Moremita Tiazzoldi!  If you're local to the area, the event is going on through March 10th. :) These are two of the pieces I provided for the event:



More pictures of the event and all the artists can be found here:







Upcoming Group Art Show in Italy~!

Excited to announce the upcoming group tribute art show at Ikiya in Treviso, Italy! This lovely poster by Mika Madden has more details. I will have two pieces there for the duration of the show. If you are in the area, check it out! :)


There is also a Facebook events page for it, should you want to receive updates about the show:



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Tons of newly released art on website!

Wow, January has come and gone so quickly - hope the year has been going awesome for you so far!

With this new year comes LOTS of new art! I'm very excited to announce that I've added over 20 pages worth of new content to my portfolio site.  Check it out via the image below.  Enjoy! :)


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Meet Meep! The teacup monster.

Meep wants to say hello!

He is a ferocious teacup monster that adores being friendly and is oft misunderstood.  He has this unfortunate habit of climbing in peoples' coffee and tea when they're not looking and making it his own.  This little guy was started over inktober and I decided to give him a little bit more love.  Hope you like!


Also, CTNX is coming up soon!  I'll be down in the LA area for the week of the expo, so I hope to see some of you there! :)

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The Wanderer Skeletal Creature Concept

creature concept skeletal flying

The wanderer is a skeletal creature that drifts silently through the nights of a blood moon.  Inspired by the one we were to have had during October.  Was anyone able to see it, by chance?

Best wishes for the upcoming week!



White Wolf painting for Art Collaboration

Inspired Wolf

This is a piece recently completed for a collaboration, along with many fellow artists and friends from the Imaginism Workshop (and many others).     I chose to do a piece inspired by Moro from Princess Mononoke, as seen above.

About the Collaboration A bit about the collab:  It is in honor of the Studio Ghibli.  It can be found in its entirety at  Also individual submissions can be viewed on twitter via #GhibliLadiesCollab

Artist Spotlight! As there are many people I know that participated in this with me, I thought it would be fun to do an artist spotlight this week!  These are some of my fellow Imaginism Workshop artist friends who were involved with the collab! Be sure to check out their sites and say hi! :)

Maria Andree Paiz -

Mara Candeago -

Krayon Rojo -

Carlotta Rossi -

Priscilla Parizeau -

 Maria Ferreira Kercher -

Also, thanks to @elsaofarendelle for hosting!