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Jean Grey/Phoenix Redesign for "What Women Women Characters" on Muddy Colors

Welcome to Women's History Month! Some excitement to share today, a great post written by Lauren Panepinto on Muddy Colors.  The original post, entitled "What Women Women Characters or, Women Characters Redesigned by Women SFF Artists," can be found here:

Additional postings can be found here as well:

Also, the Jean Grey/Phoenix redesign created for the article - Jean_Grey_Phoenix_Marisa_Erven

Enjoy!  And be sure to check out the remainder of the Muddy Colors site this month for more goodness! :)



Images from Ikiya group show in Treviso, Italy!

Latest updates from the Ikiya gallery event in Italy, featuring 30 artists worldwide~!  Photos thanks to the wonderful event photographer, Moremita Tiazzoldi!  If you're local to the area, the event is going on through March 10th. :) These are two of the pieces I provided for the event:



More pictures of the event and all the artists can be found here:







SciFi Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beauty science fiction female interpretation fairytale

Science Fiction Sleeping Beauty ~ Fairy Tale Re-Envisioned

As I can't help but adore science fiction, I've created a blend of scifi with a bit of fairy tale flair.  Sleeping beauty is such a classic tale and it was so fun to transplant it to such a different, space-age era setting.

Best wishes for an the upcoming new year~!  Here's to an amazing 2014!



PAX Prime 2013 - Booth Image Preview

Hi All, At PAX Prime this year Hidden Path Entertainment can be found at Booth #3330, showing Windborne and DG2 Gameplay! I've been a busy bee working on some of the marketing illustrations on display, along with fellow artists at the company :)

Please do stop by, say hi and play some fun games!

Windborne Treasure Chest Swag Wheel Giveaway!

Back of the Booth Windborne Photo Op :)

DG2 at PAX!