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Images from Ikiya group show in Treviso, Italy!

Latest updates from the Ikiya gallery event in Italy, featuring 30 artists worldwide~!  Photos thanks to the wonderful event photographer, Moremita Tiazzoldi!  If you're local to the area, the event is going on through March 10th. :) These are two of the pieces I provided for the event:



More pictures of the event and all the artists can be found here:







Explorer Concept Art and News Announcements!

explorer, female, concept art


First off, it is hard to believe it has been well over a month since the last post.  To make up for it, there is an extra special announcement from today!  :)

The game we have been working on at Hidden Path Entertainment is officially launched! Some info about it can be found here:

Also, I have an art piece on display at Vision 5 Gallery through the remainder of February.  If you're local to Seattle, the hours can be found on the website.  Come check it out, there are some great fellow artists' work there as well!

I've included a bit of some character work I've been doing recently.  I hope to have more to show shortly, but for now welcome "The Explorer."  She is saucy with a bit of attitude and certainly has an appetite for Exploration and Adventure.