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Meet Meep! The teacup monster.

Meep wants to say hello!

He is a ferocious teacup monster that adores being friendly and is oft misunderstood.  He has this unfortunate habit of climbing in peoples' coffee and tea when they're not looking and making it his own.  This little guy was started over inktober and I decided to give him a little bit more love.  Hope you like!


Also, CTNX is coming up soon!  I'll be down in the LA area for the week of the expo, so I hope to see some of you there! :)

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The Wanderer Skeletal Creature Concept

creature concept skeletal flying

The wanderer is a skeletal creature that drifts silently through the nights of a blood moon.  Inspired by the one we were to have had during October.  Was anyone able to see it, by chance?

Best wishes for the upcoming week!


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Female Emerald Visionary Concept Art



value_variantsOriginal Design and Value Studies


Hello!  Here is a new piece in progress, created during an awesome 3 day long workshop.

The character is an Emerald Visionary (or seer, from the original brief) who has a hummingbird familiar.  She is a hired visionary for the royal court, and gets compensated greatly for her services.  Blind herself, her visions come through a magical connection with her emerald brooch.  Her familiar fetches the brooch by unlatching her necklace and placing it in her hand when she needs to see.  She also follows the sound of the hummingbird to know where she needs to be, using her familiar as her guide.

The workshop was super awesome and focused on 2D Concept Design with several amazing artists both teaching and in attendance!  More info about TLC Workshops and the course instructors can be found here.  :)

Hope those stateside are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Best wishes for the rest of the week.

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SciFi Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beauty science fiction female interpretation fairytale

Science Fiction Sleeping Beauty ~ Fairy Tale Re-Envisioned

As I can't help but adore science fiction, I've created a blend of scifi with a bit of fairy tale flair.  Sleeping beauty is such a classic tale and it was so fun to transplant it to such a different, space-age era setting.

Best wishes for an the upcoming new year~!  Here's to an amazing 2014!



Fantastical Creature Concept


Fantasy Aquatic Humanoid Based Creature Concept.  This was quite awesome to work on, had fun blending hybrids of multiple sea critters.  They are all so interesting to begin with!  Enjoy!

Also, it was so wonderful to attend CTNX and have the opportunity to see some old friends and meet new ones as well!  For those who were able to make the trip, I hope you had a wonderful time.  Looking forward to seeing you all next year!






In-Progress Post of Corridors - Fantasy Personal Work

Found a bit of time over the weekend to start a new personal piece~!



Sugar Plum Girl

Sugar Plum Girl Character Design

Character design based on the idea of creating a Sugar Plum Girl.

Started at the Imaginism Workshop, finalized post-workshop back home!