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Meet Meep! The teacup monster.

Meep wants to say hello!

He is a ferocious teacup monster that adores being friendly and is oft misunderstood.  He has this unfortunate habit of climbing in peoples' coffee and tea when they're not looking and making it his own.  This little guy was started over inktober and I decided to give him a little bit more love.  Hope you like!


Also, CTNX is coming up soon!  I'll be down in the LA area for the week of the expo, so I hope to see some of you there! :)

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Inktober 2013 - Check!

October has come and gone!  This year I participated in Inktober, and have included some of those ink drawings below!  : ) It was really wonderful to be able to get back to traditional and step away from the digital realm for a bit.  As much as I love computers and technology, it certainly is nice to have the traditional pen (or brush) to paper feel on occasion!

The originals were drawn fairly small (half sheets or less) and modified via my Instagram account, marzie_e  so I've opted to show the end result as thumbnails below.

Femme Space Station Abstract Ballerina Dia De Los Muertos Muerte Victorian Puppet

girl blowing bubblegum Jack-In-The-Box Jester Accordion Females Jack the Rabbit Robo Buddy

Cat formal female in dress planetary space exploration

Best wishes for the weekend!

- M