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White Wolf painting for Art Collaboration

Inspired Wolf

This is a piece recently completed for a collaboration, along with many fellow artists and friends from the Imaginism Workshop (and many others).     I chose to do a piece inspired by Moro from Princess Mononoke, as seen above.

About the Collaboration A bit about the collab:  It is in honor of the Studio Ghibli.  It can be found in its entirety at  Also individual submissions can be viewed on twitter via #GhibliLadiesCollab

Artist Spotlight! As there are many people I know that participated in this with me, I thought it would be fun to do an artist spotlight this week!  These are some of my fellow Imaginism Workshop artist friends who were involved with the collab! Be sure to check out their sites and say hi! :)

Maria Andree Paiz -

Mara Candeago -

Krayon Rojo -

Carlotta Rossi -

Priscilla Parizeau -

 Maria Ferreira Kercher -

Also, thanks to @elsaofarendelle for hosting!